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Realized on a whole new engine,
Speed, reliability and advancedness.

A full site-wide preview of the full future date and time is also available.

PowerCMS X a new CMS designed and implemented on a completely zero basis, utilizing the know-how of the high-performance, high-performance high-end CMS "PowerCMS" with more than 3,000 sites deployed in Japan. Written in the development language PHP PowerCMS X is approximately 20 times faster than ever before and has unprecedented advanced features.

Case Study: Ashoro Town, Hokkaido

Data migration work is done with our own hands, andPowerCMS X much easier with PowerCMS X

Using folders and models, it is built with the awareness that it can be published in multiple places in one work. Once you get used to it, it's very easy to operate and your daily workload has dropped.


Case Study:MONSTER DIVE inc.

We chose PowerCMS X which is fast to rebuild because it's a media site with a growing number of content

Due to the fact that the content continues to increase, powerCMS X with a light management screen and fast PowerCMS X is operated stably for a long time. The model can be designed freely for content, so you can build an easy-to-understand management screen even at first look.

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Case Study: City, Iwate Prefecture

We thought that being able to update at high speed would lead to improvements in citizen services.

The fact that updates are reflected immediately means that information can be delivered with a sense of speed. The multifunctionality and flexibility that accept many requests, and the problems directly related to daily operations have been solved and it has really helped.


Case Study: Japan Piano Leaders Association

Finally PowerCMS X was the ideal CMS

A number of features that are attractive to engineers, such as fast rebuilding and the high degree of freedom to design schemas from the GUI. I am also very satisfied with the generous support with a sense of speed. PowerCMS X X to spread more than ever.



PowerCMS X comprehensively cleared issues such as ease of managing a huge number of products, cost, and security.

We are conscious of securing multiple lines of motion so that visitors who come with various purposes can reach the product from various angles. After we find what we want to look for in an easy-to-understand product search, we can now enjoy the information we want to send together.

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(Icon - fast anyway) 20 times faster than before. Anyway, it's fast.

A completely new rewrite engine is Fast in management response, rebuild, everything.

Rebuilding supports static generation, lazy static generation, dynamic generation, on-demand generation (generating pages during the first page view), and asynchronous page generation with rebuild queues, and can instantly update website rebuilds consisting of large numbers of static files.

Graph - Benchmark 10-20x faster than before1100 pages static generation/ unit: seconds (shorter bars, faster)

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(Icon - Easy Japanese support) It comes with the first "Easy Japanese Editor" as a CMS.

Easy Japanese is easier than ordinary Japanese and easy for foreigners to understand.

PowerCMS X comes with the only "Easy Japanese" editor as a CMSEasy Japanese translation by AI translation, and time-consuming addition of rubi (furigan) in HTML editing can also be done with the touch of a button

Since it is also possible to export images, PDFs, and HTML, it can be widely used for SNS and printed materials as well as websites.

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(Icons - Intelligent File Management) Flexible and accurate asset management.

Manage file data in a database. As long as you back up the database, you will have a full backup of the site.You can specify that assets are public and private, so you don't see the files before they're published。 You can also version assets and change reservations.

The written page, images with thumbnails, etc. have beenAll URLs are database managed and areNo garbage files left.

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(Icon - preview with timer) A site-wide Reproduce and preview the website of the future date and time.

The LivePreview plug-in is Preview the future date and time of the entire website, including images such as top pages, pages, article listings, banners, etc., as well as individual pages.

Database management of assets makes it suitable forResponding to timely disclosure systems for information and operating a website with an emphasis on compliance because it allows you to see the future state of your entire website without publishing upload files until the appropriate time.

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(Icon - Workflow) Unlimited Unlimited number of stages, workflow for assets and original models.

Articles and pages as well asAssets, widgets, and models you create can also be targeted to workflows.

The workflow is"Series" and "Parallel" can be selected, and the number of stages is unlimited. Of course, it is also possible to send an email with a message.

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(Icon - Publish) A hybrid A hybrid of static page generation and dynamic page generation.

Based on static page creation,You can also set up partial or full dynamic generation, such as in-site searches and pagenings, member sites that require login, and posts to forms.

For example, the implementation ofPaginationcan statically output the first page of the list and dynamically page the second and subsequent pages. Dynamic page display speed is also 20 times faster than before.

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(Icon - Accessibility) Web accessibility Is also fully supported.

You can automatically perform a webWeb accessibility publishing the page you are creating. JIS X 8341-3 : Compatible with 2016 A, AA, and AAA

In addition to the accessibility of the web content created, we also focus on Manageability, which allows you to do most of the operations in your Controls with the keyboard.

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(Icon - Global Site) Supports multilingual translation in more than 70 languages.

Ai multilingual translation can be used to support the translation of content in the management screen and to translate web pages of public sites. The number of languages to be translated is more than 70 languages including "Easy Japanese" and "Japanese with Furinga".

Dictionary customization functions, detailed customization of translation results are possible, and the cache function is devised to reduce operating costs.

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The database is designed in the management screen.

Design table schemas, create tables, and migrate databases from the management screen。 You can do this withJust set the definition of the relation in the GUI between tables.

Build a search site with multiple criteriais also surprisingly easy. The filter on the list screen is available on the publishing site, so you can default to it without code.

Strong security.

Because static file generation is possible, it is possible to store public servers allows you to achieve Secure operations.

It is also standard at Support for two-factor authentication, IP restriction, and lockout functions. Ip restrictions for administrator logins only and IP restrictions for all users can also be set in the management screen.

Form creation is very easy.

Standard support for form features. Create forms with no programming can. In addition to CSV export of posted data, Aggregation function with graphs allows Visually see trends in your posts.

Marketing functions such as member sites, CRM and e-mail magazine functions will also be added in the future.

The know-how so far remains intact.

PowerCMS Template Tag Kinsing (MTML). As it is the template kineki that was written Learning costs are minimal.

In addition, the handling of database objects has been newly developed with active record type OR mpa. The way plug-ins are written is also compatible. Programmers also keep their know-how intact Can be utilized.

PHP with PHP plug-ins.

Almost all features can be customized with plug-ins and can be added. Plug-ins can be written in PHP, developer assignment is also easy.

Standard plug-ins include LivePreview for full future day preview, webWeb accessibility checkers, rich text editor customization plug-ins, bulk approval plug-ins, and more.

Touch device & mobile optimization.

The management screen is a simple one column, responsive design. Screen design for mobile and touch devices. Of course, operation from a PC is also possible.

The simple management screen allows you to manage basic content with minimal training on how to operate a CMS.

Leave the data migration to the system.

The HTMLImporter plug-in provides the capability to migrate data from HTML by specifying a URL. The body estimation function automatically extracts content parts (excluding navigation and headers and futters) from HTML and migrates data

You can import the images included on the page and the link files to be downloaded.

Secure operation with server delivery function.

Provides the capability to mirror static files to an external server. Can be mirrored only for differential uploads, updates and deletions, and can be reflected at high speed.

The communication protocol supports SFTP/FTP. By singing between CMS servers and public servers, secure operation is possible.

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